8:00 am Waterfall Tour

Pricing is based on the number of vehicles needed for your group:

WEB 2-SEAT BUG: 1 Mud Bug for a party of 1 or 2 people. WEB 3-SEAT BUG: 1 Ohana Bug for a party of 3 people. WEB 4-SEAT BUG: 1 Ohana Bug for a party of 4 people.

(example: If there are 5 people in your party you will need two vehicles. A Mud Bug for 2 people and an Ohana Bug for 3.

Enter "2" in the "Vehicles In Your Party" field and then select "WEB 2-SEAT BUG" and "WEB 3-SEAT BUG" in the "Vehicle Type" field when prompted.)

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